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Please email us with your testmonies of the good God has done for you!

We praise God for his continual protection of our church members.

We praise God for his healing miracles we have seen.

 We praise God for his presence in our recent services.


Past Testimonies


We praise God for the much needed rain in our area.







Praise God for Robert, Matthew, and Aaron's jobs.




Miss Virginia

We praise God that Sister Virginia has seen healing from numerous illnesses at Creekwood. dwightc




Shirley's surgery

We praise God that He brought Shirley through the tumor surgery and that it was not cancer.




Reviving touch

We are thankful for the blessed touches of people in services this Sunday April 23 as Brother Rigsby filled in. The presence of the Holy Spirit was very strong.




Nathan's testimonies

Thank God that He has helped Nathan at Central Bible College and that He helped him in a difficult situation.




Good test results

Praise God that Ed got back good test results from blood work that the doctors did and that Annette had a very good report on a diabetes test.




Healing testimonies

Praise God for that Virginia's eyes no longer are watering, that Elaine did not get sick after feeling bad, and that Matthew was delivered from a flu-like illness he had for 3 days. God touched them when we prayed in the Sunday morning service on March 5th.




Praise God for answered prayers

Praise God for Tiffany's good report on her cancer and Byron's full-time work.
dwightc  Feb 20 2006 10:05PM [edit] [delete]




Ricky's work

Thank the Lord that Ricky has had work even in layoff.
dwightc  Feb 2 2006 9:12PM [edit] [delete]




Praise God for the Sunday night service

We thank the Lord for the blessings He gave in the Sunday night service with Brother Rigsby.
dwightc  Feb 2 2006 9:11PM [edit] [delete]




School Blessings

We thank the Lord for Robert now being able to start college in Bowling Green, that Ricky is doing much better than expected in school this semester, and that Steve has passed through trucking school.
dwightc  Jan 8 2006 3:32PM [edit] [delete]




Safety during Christmas

We praise the Lord that he gave safety to all in our church who traveled over Christmas. All returned safely by His hand of protection.
dwightc  Jan 6 2006 9:39PM [edit] [delete]




Annette's deliverance

Annette went to the hopsital with chest pains that looked like a heart attack, but tests showed that she has a very healthy heart. She is home now and well. We praise the Lord.
dwightc  Jan 6 2006 9:26PM [edit] [delete]




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