Christian Life Assembly of God

About Us

Easily seen and accessible from highway 68-80 toward Bowling Green, our church is situated about three miles from Russellville, the county seat of Logan County, Kentucky. Located on 8 acres, our church, kept up by dedicated workers, is a place where the Power of God is wrought, the Glorious Salvation in Jesus is taught, and the Infilling of the Holy Spirit is sought. Christian Life Assembly of God continues in the rich and diverse Pentecostal movement God started some 100 years ago. Our heritage includes the Topeka Revival, the Azusa Street Revival, and the Second Great Awakening that began here in Logan County.

Our church is descended from an earlier Assembly of God in Russellville pastored by Brother Danny Sue, among others.
Brother Pat Humphrey worked hard to establish the church in Russellville. He was pastor from 1990-1993 and oversaw the permanent facility building, which was finished in 1992. A called minister for many years, he still works for the Lord however he can in the Bowling Green area.
Brother Mitch Morgan pastored our church from 1993-1995. Among other things, during his time there was a street ministry program. Brother Morgan has since spent his time ministering both in Kentucky and Georgia. He currently lives in Tennessee.
Brother Tim Trout pastored from 1995-1998. His pastorate saw continued spiritual growth in a loving atmosphere. He has since pastored in Harlan, Kentucky, and currently pastors First Assembly of God in Owensboro, KY.
Brother Roy Walls pastored from 1998-2013. A Pentecostal Pastor in 5 different decades, his dedication saw the church through difficult times as he kept the church focused on the power of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Brother Roy and Sister Lois are pictured below with Sister Virginia on the right.

The Church is currenty pastored by Brother Nathan Cockrill. He longs to see God's Word go out to the Logan County area.
Come join us as we seek the Lord.

 strive to be a church where God's love is real to the hurting.

Articles & Resources for Church Workers

  • Starting a Greeter Program
    Four years ago I accepted the challenge of evangelism chairperson for our church. One of the first programs the pastor and I developed was the Sunday morning greeter program.
  • Motivating the Right Person into the Right Ministry
    One of the greatest challenges for most leaders is selecting and motivating the right people into the right ministry positions in hopes of minimizing turnover and frustration. Even in the smaller church with limited personnel, it is important to coordinate people and ministry as much as possible.
    “I tried, but no one ever called me” are painful words for a leader who has much work to do and not enough people willing to do it. These words are painful for the person who wanted to contribute, but was never called. These are also painful words for a person who is committed to helping people connect and contribute in meaningful ways within the church.