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 Shirley Holder Tribute

A Tribute to a fine lady.
A few years ago we were graced with a new face at our church. But this was not just another kind face. She proved to be a mother to all of the children in the church, a caretaker of the old, and a lover of all the poor. She truly fulfilled the Great Commission, and she has completed her race. Some of her last acts were to plan the nursing home visit that has led to expanded ministry and to paint the church van. Now the charge is to us to continue her work of laughter and love because when the question is asked "Are you finshed?", as Shirley did in her last words, we have to say "No, we are not finished" and take strength from the Lord to continue our race.
As she sings around the throne, we take comfort that someday soon we will join her.

A poem to Shirley:

Daniel 12:3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the heavens; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.
A light shines now in the heavenly place,
Of one now above who has finished her race.
Brightly down with us her light surely shone,
Seeking great glory for the Lord; glory not her own.
Throughout her walk in the life she lived
She lived out the verse, “It is more blessed to give.”
A friend to all downtrodden, she gave what she had,
She could take young and old and make them feel glad.
Never were two more happily wed
Than this bright light and her dear husband Ed.
Her children she loved and she gave to them
A blessed knowledge of the Savior, their true best friend.
To those the world might never befriend,
Virginia and Geneva she gladly took in.
Her church she made a brighter place
With laughter and smiles on each shining face.
In her last week she shone brightly for her King
With the church van painted and the nursing home sing
And she brought pictures from the light of TBN
Brightening the lives of her Pastor and kin.
Her light shone out always to see,
Her computer stayed down but never did she.
Her love to her family was as warm as
The sun’s first burst of light
shone forth in a glory-filled ray
Her love was felt by everyone day by day
Her husband Ed of many years
Has no words deep enough to express the void
But indeed he has Someone to handle his fears
Certainly Edward, Austin, and Ashley
Ricky and Little Ricky felt so much heart engulfing pain
As they saw the light set over the hill
But had hope in the reunion, where the light shines still.
“Are you finished watching,” was the last that she said.
“No,” I say as I lift up my head.
For up in the sky I see a great throne,
And a Brighter Light than ever has shone.
A heavenly reunion I see looking when
Shirley and her mom are embracing again.
Though Shirley shone here, she is brighter still more,
Praising the Lord as never before.

Prayer is our link with God, an awesome avenue through which we can express praise and adoration to Him for His goodness, love, and mercy; and an avenue through which we can voice our petitions and concerns. God's Word assures us that we can "come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need" (Hebrews 4:16).

Prayer also moves the hand of God on behalf of needs and circumstances in our church, our families, our community, nation, and world. Take time to pray and intercede for these areas as God leads you. Become part of a prayer group and intercede with others in times of corporate prayer. As you seek God's help, expect reports of great victory to follow as God answers prayer.

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